We fix scratches, scrapes, dents, and more!



Silver BMW trunk paint repair
Van with scrapes gets repaired
Silver Dodge Sprinter van paint and dent repair
SUV bumper for red subaru dent paint repair
White semi truck paint job
White truck wheel well fender under repair
Orange County car detail paint jobs
Silver car paint jobs
White Ford Ranger can't even see the damage
Silver Ford Focus wheel well dent reapired and fixed back to normal
Semi truck front light fixture repaired and fixed
Silver acura wheel well scrapes touched up from scratches
White SUV Bumper chip fixed
Black SUV Kkyed and repaired
White fixed bumper. White SUV bumper scratch repaired.

"It turned out great and looks awesome, thank you for your help!"

SUV Door Scratch

"I love it! He [Scott] was awesome!!"

White Hyundai with body damage being repaired in the driveway.

Silver Hyundai Repaired in Driveway

White car bumper fixed, painted, and repaired.

Front Right Bumper Repair

Black car bumper repaired at the home in Orange County.
Scuffs on the front of a Honda car were fixed.
Scuffs on the front of the white 2012 Durango were repaired.

2012 Durango RT Bumper Repair

Scuffs on the front of the blue Corvette were repaired.

"Ladd came today. Car looks great!"

Candy red car was repaired and serviced on the bumper.

"Mark just worked on my car and I'm so happy the scratches are completely gone! The price was reasonable and he was very friendly!"

Four wheel SUV had door scratches and dents. They were corrected and fixed with quick on-site turnaround service.

"Scott did an amazing job, you can't even tell there was a large dent before. The paint work was exceptional."

SUV had scratches and needed bumper repair.
Silver sedan bumper was dented and then repaired on-site.
Porche bumper repaired.
Silver bumper chipped, cleaned, and painted to full restoration.
Side swiped on the door repaired by the Colors on Parade Team
Rear bumper fixed of scratches and dents
Chrome was repaired and repainted on a large truck to match the color of the vehicle.

"It went from corner chrome bumper to corner painted bumper. It's my Monday makeover!"

Repair the bumper of a car
Repair the bumper of a car

"Excellent. Extremely satisfied. Scott is terrific."

Bumper of a sedan was repaired
Paint blemishes patched up
Scratch on the front of a car needed fixing

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