We fix scratches, scrapes, dents, and more!


Our Team

Mark and Kathy Plomaritis

Mark became a Franchisee in 1994 in Maryland.

In 1996 Mark and his Brother-in-Law Mike Wilkerson bought the Orange County Franchise and moved their families out here to California. Due to an accident 2006, Mike left Colors on Parade and went into the Insurance Business.

Since that time Mark and Kathy have been running the Orange County Franchisee and have been building up the business. We are pleased to be able to provide Orange County with the Finest Mobile Paint Repair and Refinishing Service.


Elton Forfar

Elton started as an employee for AD of Colors On Parade in Florida. He moved to California in 1999 and began working as an Employee in Orange County. Joined as a Franchisee in 2003.

Elton is married to Melissa and has two daughters. Elton continues to be one of the top producers in the Orange County.

Jerry Upton

Franchisee since 1999. Jerry worked in Riverside for 6 years. In 2005 Jerry moved his Franchise to Orange County. Jerry has been turning out excellent work for over 15 years.

Scott Grant

Scott has been a successful franchise owner for 15 years in riverside and is now with us in Orange County. He is married and has two fantastic kids.

Jeff Bigelow

Jose Morales